Week 5-  Once You Learn... Week (Mets Game) $500


Week 7-  Old School Surf and Turf    $450

​Week 1B- Pennsylvania Freedom (Paddleboarding) $475

Surf  and Turf   Jr. 

Week 4-  Fallin' for It Week  $625

​Week 1A - Attack of the Killer Coasters $475

2019 Schedule

​2019:  ROME WEEK  $500 Down Payment ($3,000 Total)

“MY KIDS LOVE Surf and Turf”

Campers responded in letters to Baristanet:


"I've only been to Surf and Turf Adventures for a week, but believe me when I say that it is one of the best summer camps in Montclair. This is not only because we visit new and interesting places every day, it's also because we have amazing counselors."

"We don't actually have a camp but go on a field trip every single day. Sometimes we go to the beach, like Fire Island …and sometimes we go the mountains and hike…or we go in the City. We even rode our bikes over the George Washington Bridge. I have been to a lot of camps in Montclair since I was in kindergarten and this is the best of all."

​Week 3-  To Beach or Not to Beach Week  $450

Week 6 -  Wicked Bar Harbor- Ayuh!   $750

Our staff always includes full-time, professional. award-winning teachers. We also have young lifeguards and trained medical aides. On any given day, a professional staff member looks over a small group of 6-10 campers.  


The METS Game has been added to   July 23- 27, 2018. The Governor's Island Trip will move to another week. 

Rome is ready for 2019!  We are leaving on July 29th with 15 campers! This price will drop soon. We simply need a five hundred dollar down payment to hold the spot.  

Niagara Falls  will take place on the Canada side, so will collect passports for this one.  

Bar Harbor Here We Come  and will see a few whales. This is an entire week away.   


SPAIN:   Tim has met with staff at Sevilla. They are on board and are in the process of seeking out kids who have interest and means to get here this summer. 

- Adventure Camp for 10-16 year olds.

- Pick up and drop off at Edgemont Memorial Park in Front of the School.

- Recognizable, Fun-loving Montclair Teachers.

- Safe yet Adventurous Trips!

- Campers learn how to have Fun in their Surroundings away from Computers and Television 

- We are extremely spontaneous! Schedules are never set! Trips may change to satisfy campers' needs.

-Campers are allowed Freedom to Choose what and when they want to eat. They may pack or buy as the day proceeds.

-Prices will lower this year. If money is a problem, please let us know! We will try to find a way to make everything affordable.

Drop Off and Pick Up Destination:

Surf and Turf Adventure Camp

P.O. Box 4361

Montclair, NJ 07043

Phone:  973-306-9505

E-Mail: surfandturfmontclair@gmail.com

Tax ID: 45-2549412

2018 Schedule

​Week 2-  When Not in Spain Week  $500