​If you've been to Amish Country with us before, you will not have Deja Vu! This year we will not pitch tents on the farm- next door are old caboose trains which act as motels. We can sleep there and visit the farm by day. Mount Gretna is a lake nearby which contains rafts, floating islands, Tarzan swings, and extremely high dives (see above). There will be an animal rescue farm where we can greet the animals and watch them receive care. We will pick berries at Greig Farm and visit a Miniature Horse farm making its own ice cream. Abma has a petting zoo with another great lake swim nearby. And then...there is always Amish Country. 

​​ADH Squared Week

             ​June 26, 2017

​Last year, our competition week was based on the theme of mystery. This year it is for the Foodies! We eat all week and compete. Each day represents a genre of food or ethnicity and a sample ingredient is given to a team. The week ends with CHOPPED! The teams shall be ready by Friday to have a one-hour competition with chefs and helpers. each one has a burner and tools to start. Judges and prizes will follow. 

FOOD THEMES:  Little India of Jersey City, NJ Hamburgers, Mongolian Hot Pot, Brooklyn Pizza, and whatever they make on Friday. 

​FOR THOSE PICKY EATERS: Fort Tilden, Atlantic City, and Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn's Bushwick Collective (Grafitti) wait for you!

​Rome- Amalfi Coast

        July 29- August 8

FOODIES! Week & The "Chopped" Competition

                                                   July 24

​We start out at Sandy Hook and Atlantic Highlands and jump into one of three campers which is where we will spend our week traveling all the way to Provincetown, Cape Cod. This is a loose trip where we can make very spontaneous choices as only 6 campers are allowed in each camper. It's the ultimate fun-in-the-sun adventure. Lobster sandwiches, all meals, bathrooms and shower, and beds are all provided in the camper. No stopping needed to have a four person game of cards on a poker table! 

Jocks Come Out Week

                    July 31

​Blackbeard's Cave, which has water rides and batting cages, and Paintball round up our highlights of the week. There are a few picturesque days in the sun at the lighthouse and The Sleeping Giant Hike. We also will WALK to Fire Island--- did you know this was possible? 

​​What we will see:   This is an exclusive rafting trip in the best state for it--- West Virginia and ACE Adventures. The resort includes bunk cabins, tours, a pool, and a water adventure park. The week will begin with one of the most challenging, yet fun, hikes in our area: Breakneck Ridge. Level four rafting will take place on Wednesday with a leader for each group helping us down the river. A water park and pool day is included as well as an arcade, patio grill, and welcome center.  We will end out the week going through Baltimore's Inner Harbor. 

What we will see:   You will be guided by someone who has studied the city of Rome. Cathedrals and churches which have have been built on top of each other will be explored to see the layers of Rome. A day in the Vatican City, home of the Pope, will include St. Peter's Church and the Chapel. Surrounding hill towns such as Subiaco or Orvieto will be decided by the group as days pass. We will end in the spectacular Amalfi Coast through Naples. It will be ten days in two hostels which include breakfast. We will add lunch and dinner as well. 

Trains, Planes, and Buggies:   Amish Country & Farms​

                                                       ​July 17

​This year's beaches include Beach Haven, Cherry Grove, Ocean City, Cedar Beach, and Island Beach. There will be a Volleyball competition with many teams going at once on the beach! Go Carts will be available at Ocean City for those over 54". Bum Rogers will be our stop for seafood and free crabs are available. Boardwalks and sun all week. Ocean Beach will be there as a backup for Cherry Grove if we can't make it on time. 

​Draw Stroke- West Virginia Rafting and Water Park​​

                                                       ​July 10

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​​What we will see:   This is a week for those who are "on the go." On day 1, we will be in the lower- east side with our music teacher doing some Karaoke and follow it up with a stroll in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Sky Zone Trampolines and Jones Beach come next followed by bowling at the chic Bowlmor @ Chelsea Piers. It has a colorful arcade. There is lots of swimming and playing around including The Ramones' old stomping ground. 

​​This Beach is Lit

             ​July 3, 2017

We are Happy Campers- RV in Cape Cod     

                                        August 7