What we will see:   You will be guided by someone who has studied the city of Rome. Cathedrals and churches which have have been built on top of each other will be explored to see the layers of Rome. A day in the Vatican City, home of the Pope, will include St. Peter's Church and the Chapel. Surrounding hill towns such as Subiaco or Orvieto will be decided by the group as days pass. We will end in the spectacular Amalfi Coast through Naples. It will be nine days in two hostels which include breakfast. We will add lunch and dinner as well. 

​​​Week 1b:  Pennsylvania Freedom... Paddle Boarding

             ​June 25- 29, 2018

Week 5: Once You Learn... Baseball, Bikes, and Rafting

                                July 23- 27, 2018

​​What we will see: A day at Great Adventure and The Joker roller coaster. From Monday to Thursday,

we will visit popular rollercoasters and swimming options. Includes Seaside Heights, Ocean City and

Playland in Rye. 

​Week 3: To Beach or not to Beach...  Best of the beaches!​​

                                   ​July 9-13, 2018

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​​What we will see:   RIDE THE JET BOAT in CAPE MAY! This week has us reminiscing of Surf and Turf 2005, out first year. Life was simpler then. We did a lot more on our feet, visited ethnic neighborhoods to feast, and cooled off in lakes and falls. We have "Little Mexico" of Passaic lined up for food while we hike Hackleberry State Park and Governor's Island for exploration. There is plenty of time to waste away the day during the wonderful dog days of summer. 

​​​What we will see:   All of the best this year from a host of beaches from our past! The highlight will be a dance party (on or next to) beachside. This is still in the works, so we will keep you posted! Free lunch at The Windmill, and visits to Fire Island, LBI, and Long Branch. There is a new Bazaar at Jacob Riis this year- we will be there. Fort Tilden is a hidden gem!

​​What we will see:   The week will start with a beautiful, scenic river tour using either rafts or tubes.The Mets Game at Citi Field will follow! There will also be a middle-of-the-week two day bike trip. We will store your bikes and take them out during the day trips:  The Delaware Tow Path and Sandy Hook.  

​​Week 2: When Not in Spain...(American Culture) 

             ​          July 2-6, 2018

​​​Week 1a: Killer Coasters week... and Great Adventure Too!

             ​June 25- 29, 2018

​Rome- Amalfi Coast

 June 27- July 5,  ​2019!

$500 Down-payment will get you 

registered. Payment Plan will follow!    Total:  $3,000 

Week 6: Wicked Bar Harbor- Ayuh! A week away...  

                                July 30- August 3, 2018

​​​​What we will see:  We have four kids coming from Seville, Spain. They will stay with host families. 

Therefore, we developed the week with an American theme, but interesting to the native campers. We will visit Times Square and 

​The Liberty Tower, Kutztown's Folk Festival, Nathan's Hot Dogs, Coney Island, and of course, Philadelphia. We will also play pinball

​in an antique gameroom (Silverball) as well as have our second Murder Mystery at Chelsea Piers. Brush up on your Spanish!

​​​What we will see:  

Bring your passports and hop on the bus at Edgemont School! This is a Canadian trip with a lunch stop at Syracuse. Take part in The Hornblower Cruise and Horseshoe Falls! Get wet with up-close views of the falls. We will stay at Youth Hostels and provide breakfast and dinner. Mt. Tammany and its lower falls will end the week on Friday! Passport Needed!


​​What we will see:   This is a week-long overnight trip where we stop in a nearby- Boston Youth Hostel and housing cabins with many accessories. Whale watching will be the highlight as we tour Boston, Bar Harbor, and Mt. Desert Island's Cadillac Mountain. This is a seafood paradise with many beaches (sandy and rocky) and lakes. Breakfast and dinner is provided!

Week 4: ​Fallin' For It Week- Canadian Niagara Falls!

                               ​July 16- 20, 2018

Week 7: Old School Surf N' Turf... Like it ought to be! 

                                August 6- 10, 2018

​​​What we will see:   There are more hidden, swim holes in PA than in other neighboring states. This 

week celebrates the freedom of hiking and swimming as found in the early days of Surf and Turf. We will

learn how to paddle board in NJ, and spend an hour exploring an inlet on one of them.  There is also a 

​lake which has an aquatic playground. This is a more carefree, relaxed week for the exploratory type!