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     Todd is a teaching icon! As well as winning many awards including the Weston, he has traveled much of the world, coached sports, brought victory to the Robotics team, and taught Science for over 14 years in Montclair! He is also a trusted, experienced outdoorsman like no other in our camp- when he's around, there is never a worry.  

     Stefan, his son, is our lifeguard and overall safety net. He is respected as one of our best counselors by leading many buses throughout the tri-state area. He is prepared for any obstacle and is a lot of fun with youthful energy.  

Emily is a certified EMT. She is there to treat campers in all all emergency situations.  She is also the one who handles calls, paperwork, solutions with camp ideas, and letters to parents. She will work on all overnight trips. This will benefit Surf and Turf immensely because she has great experience as Renaissance @ Rand's Science Teacher and has attended many school trips and overnights. She is easy-going and a pleasure to talk to whether by e-mail, text, or phone!

     Dana is in her eighth year as the music teacher at Renaissance Middle School in Montclair.  She is a Weston Award winner and student favorite.  This will be her sixth year at Surf and Turf.  She loves the opportunity to spend time outdoors discovering new places with great kids! Her favorite trip was the white water rafting trip and witnessing the magic of the kids being free and spending time within nature!

Aaron is a former camper, MHS grad, and now studies at Ithaca College.  He’s backpacked in Alaska and Oregon and has a certification in Wilderness First Aid. He is also an avid biker and worked for The Montclair Bikery fixing and selling bikes throughout high school. He knows a lot about cars and can name every single one on the road. But overall he's always up for an adventure finding and exploring new places.

     Tim is in his 19th year at Renaissance as a teacher of both Spanish and Drama.  He has been a recipient of both the Governor's Teacher of the Year and Weston awards.  He loves working and traveling with his students.  He has led eight student trips to locations such as Barcelona, Madrid, the Costa del Sol and Morocco.  This year he is starting an international exchange program with students from Sevilla and Granada.
     He is so excited to be working in his 12th year at Surf and Turf!  Over the years, he has enjoyed watching soccer in Barcelona, white-water rafting in West Virginia, and exploring the grand Canyon and the Blue Ridge Mountains with the campers.  He cannot wait for the next adventures and is sure this coming summer will be the best year yet!

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Hope has been working In Education for over 25 years and presently at Renaissance Middle School.  Throughout this time, she has worked with children who have disabilities and special needs. She is always happy to work with all students she meets. Throughout her career, she has worked various camps during the summer including overnight trips which contained talent shows, games, and lots of fun.  She grew up in Montclair, went to many of the schools, and is currently a resident. She is happy to be working with Surf and Turf Camp as well continuing to meet students from all over.

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     John has been teaching as a college professor, middle school teacher, coach, and tutor for more than twenty years! He is in his 16th year at Renaissance as a teacher of Language Arts, Drama, and Film Appreciation.  He has been a recipient of both the Governor's Teacher of the Year and Weston awards.  He loves working and traveling with his students.  He has been to locations all over Europe, Africa, South America, and the United States to explore and study. After graduation at NJIT as an architect, he decided to teach at William Paterson College, Somerville Middle, and in Montclair. He put together a team participating in Destination Imagination, developed a Drama Writer's Club, wrote and directed many school plays in two towns, created an annual Poetry Café performed at both the library and Trumpets for pre-teens.  
     He is so excited to continue Surf and Turf as he was the founder back in 2005!  Over the years he has enjoyed creating the ideas, philosophies, and schedules to lead Surf and Turf Camp and later created Surf and Turf Juniors. He has included adventurous and unique destinations and overnights from the Grand Canyon to Canada and soon Rome! 

     His joy is to see kids pull themselves away from their rooms and have fun in nature and the city! He has always wanted to teach kids that life itself is full of great adventure, not only derived from structured activities and video games.

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